bevHappy and Blessed New Year Everyone.
Can you believe that 2017 is here?
Something I started practicing at the end of the year is taking time to reflect on the previous year.
You might ask why anyone would want to do that; the simple answer is…
So that you know what worked and what did not work for you the previous year. It makes you aware of what is actually going on in your life.
You can then base your 2017 goals on this reflective process.
What worked for you in 2016?
What were some of your successes?
What were some of the challenges?
What areas of your life did you neglect?
What, or who, had the biggest positive impact on your life last year?
What are you thankful for?
What fears or barriers held you back?
What was your most valuable lesson?
What was your most common mental state last year (e.g. sad, excited, curious, happy, stressed…)? And, why do you think that was?
These are just a few of the questions that you can ask yourself in your time of reflection.
As you answer these reflective questions, don’t over-analyze or beat yourself up if you’re not happy with some of your answers, use them to propel you towards a better 2017.
You only fail when you stop trying.
Remember: “The fears we don’t face become our limits.”
[R. Sharma]
Some of these questions may be difficult to answer, but the reality is that your answers are your truth.
Once you have the truth in front of you, you can decide to make different choices in the New Year.
If you desire change, you have to look at your reality.
And don’t forget:
“You were made to fulfill your calling.”
[Tony Evans]
Change comes one decision at a time, and it takes courage and perseverance to look within.
You got this!