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Ever so often, the guys from Toronto and Montreal, Braves Sports and Cultural Club and Hilltoppers Sports and Cultural Club, get together for a weekend of fun when they play a fete match, which include a little soccer or football in their language, and indulge in a little eating, drinking, and plenty “old talk.”
On the weekend of August 18-19, it was The Braves turn to visit and as usual it was the camaraderie between the guys and of the wives who were part of the event that stood out.
It has been so for well over two decades between two groups that have been in existence for a long, long time… Hilltoppers will celebrate its 46th anniversary next year and Braves its 40th.
The game was played on the Saturday but no one can remember who won. Then on Sunday, everyone gathered at Le Chalet in the West Island for some cards, dominoes and an extended brunch, and a promise to do it all again in a year or two.