As we get closer to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Monday and Tuesday, which falls on March 4th & 5th of this year, Soca lovers are expecting ‘real time’ information about Trinidad Carnival every time they open the Montreal Community Contact Newspaper.
That’s why I make sure that the Island Scoop article is the one stop for Soca news during Trinidad and every other Carnival season around the world.
So here are a few questions that have been buzzing around this Carnival season.
Is the Machel Montano and Iwer George beef real? Is Fay Ann Lyon running the International Soca Monarch competition? Is Patrice Roberts finally going to have her own concert?
Machel vs Iwer.
Is this beef real or a publicity stunt? The tension between the two Soca artists is nothing new to the Soca industry. It reached the point where Iwer even throws shade in his music towards Machel.
But this year Machel struck back! As the Road March race heats up, Iwer George and Machel Montano released their tunes right after boxing day. Iwer was first, releasing his Power Soca critique, “Road March Bacchanal”. In his tune, Iwer covers the 2018 Road March competition by “throwing shade” Machel and SuperBlues’ come from behind win, with their song, “Soca Kingdom.”
Machel later released a response 2019 Soca titled, “Dr. Mashup.” Iwer responded at the fete event “Hydrate” where he added a brand new verse leaning on the vulgar side. Machel then responded at the same event, with a new verse of his own.
This back and forth between Iwer and Machel has been going on since the Carnival season started, but when asked if this beef is real or piccong their replies are the same, that it’s all in good fun and they are looking forward to this year’s (2019) Road March competition.
Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez is the newly appointed Chairman of Caribbean Prestige Foundation, organizers of the International Soca Monarch, and confirmed that the categories will return to the competition.
Fay Ann the is only woman to hold a Power Soca Monarch title where she competed in the finals of the ISM from 2002 to 2011 when she decided to withdraw from the competition.
In 2009, she made a clean sweep, winning the Power and Groovy categories as well as People’s Choice with ‘Meet Superblue.’
The winner of the 2019 International Soca Monarch will be a power soca singer, and the first prize may be a million dollars. There will be only one monarch champion, which will come from the Power category.
Groovy category, the winner won’t be crowned a Groovy Soca Monarch, but that person could walk away with $500,000.
We heard of Machel Monday, Kes Tuesday, Iwer Wednesday, now Patrice Roberts is having her first concert on Carnival Thursday. The soca diva will stage her first solo concert in Trinidad and Tobago Under the Trees at The Normandie Hotel, St. Ann’s, Trinidad, on Thursday, February 28, Carnival Thursday, titled Strength of a Woman.
Patrice plans to make it a Carnival staple, and an all white event, which will run from 8 pm to midnight. The concert will feature a live band as well as guest acts to be revealed at a later date.

Here’s a listing of events where you can find me before Trini Carnival:

– Sat 26th Jan: “Winter Rave” Club V-lounge
– Sat 2nd  Feb : “Bliss” MCSO
– Sat 9th  Feb :  “Upscale” 372 rue St Catherine w. Suite122
– Fri 15th  Feb:   “Valentine’s Party” 911 Jean Talon
– Sat 16th Feb : “Love Therapy” Club le Cinq

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