12-18-2014 DS
In a world of countless online stations, Vibe City aims to connect with listeners by offering material they can relate to.
Founded by Seychelles native Nichol Valentin, the site was launched in October 2013 with Soul Supremacy.
A former keyboardist with Juno-nominated Choices Band, Nichol felt his career like music needed to evolve. The hectic touring schedule wasn’t an ideal period for starting a family.
In the beginning, anyone was given a chance to have a show; less than three years later, candidates must be selected.
I don’t remember the first time I heard about V.C.R, but it felt like I haven’t stopped hearing about it since; several of Montreal’s popular DJs have weekly programs. Nichol said he’s become very selective, seeking only dedicated individuals. Community is very important to V.C.R so they strive to provide engaging content, in addition to good music programming.
Growing up in Seychelles, Nichol considers himself an activist, after witnessing the political conflicts in his native land.
In addition to the daily maintenance of the online radio station, he hopes to find a physical building in the near future, a place where the public could stop, meet the hosts and have a more interactive experience.
Moving on an upward trajectory, Vibe City is in it to win it. Online radio is saturated; however, by executing a good marketing strategy they have been getting a lot of attention. They’re currently offering a variety of programming catering primarily to an urban-oriented audience, originating mostly from the West Indies, Africa, and other tropical regions.
As mentioned on their home page, they plan to expand and diversify to attract wider a wider audience.
Have a listen… Check them out at www.vibecityradio.com where the party is only one click away!!!

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