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In presenting bicycles to two students, Oreoluna Balagun and Jarred Saunders, community activist Ron Williams reminded them bicycle555that they were “now part of an extended family that stands ready to help if the going gets rough.”
Williams was presenting the bikes on behalf of his group, Producers III, which also included other longtime community stalwarts Ron Durant and Wayne Thomas, but he says much of the credit has to go to the dozens of community members who answered the call to make it a memorable summer for two deserving youngsters.
The presentation was made at the Rose Bowl Bowling Lanes in NDG on Fete St. Jean, June 24, during a tournament organized by the group that attracted a full compliment of players and spectators.
“We anticipated getting one bike, but the response was so overwhelming that we raised enough money to buy two, together with accessories such as helmets and locks,” says Williams. “The hope is to bring something special to the lives of two young men who might not have been able to afford a bicycle at this time. We all know the joy that comes with owning one, especially in the summer.”
The recipients, Balagun, 14, and Saunders, 13, are both students at LaSalle Catholic Comprehensive and were selected by Carol Reddick, a teacher at the school.
Williams, who was born in Montreal and grew up in the Westmount area, is a cancer survivor who successfully battled the deadly disease in 2003. He says extending a hand to help others less fortunate has become one of the most meaningful efforts in his life today.
He points to the many individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses who continuously help to make his projects the success they usually are, including Dr. Oliver Jones, James Nurse, Patrick Thornhill, Laurie Thomas, Marilyn Green, Christiane Williams, Dr. Steven Kempler, Dr. Adrian Gianikis, Mark’s Barbershop, Da Boom Desserts,  Mama Bravo Restaurant, Twig’s Restaurant and Quebec-Art Car Dealers .

All of these Montrealers he says
He also announced that Gail Green and Cathy Farray were winners of the cash door prizes at the bowling tournament.