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At the Caribbean Paradise annual Christmas Toy and Dinner Give Away, everyone: children, parents, other guests are engulfed in a day of food, toys and music.
No wonder it has become a holiday tradition for families across Montreal, and it’s not unusual to find hundreds jammed into the popular community gathering place in LaSalle to share in the good times.
This year, the event will be on Sunday, December 18.
And organizers say it’s a big “give-back” to the community and are calling on other individuals and groups to contribute toys and other giveaways to make sure that as many children as possible have an enjoyable day and go home happy.
As for the food, the restaurant has that under control and can feed all who come through their doors.
This year, Babita and her staff at Paradise have several top community organizers, including Winston Murray and his crew and Raphael McKenzie on hand to help to make sure the day goes well.
Again this year several top local entertainers are lined up to perform, headlined by highly popular Mark Henry and The Blessed Band.

Door opens at 11 AM, closing at 7 PM.
Music by DJ 610 and DJ JERRY.
The event is being held in collaboration with WD Consortium and Mystic Music & Love.
Donations accepted at Caribbean Paradise: toys for ages 4 to 12, and can foods. (Please check your expiration date.) Volunteers, please contact Caribbean Paradise at 514-363-8080.