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Charges Brought Against Six Officers

  If anyone tells you  that they expected today’s turn of events in the Freddy Gray’s saga currently unfolding in Baltimore, they are lying. When news broke that the state top prosecutor had received the police reports of the incidents leading to the death of the 25 year old Black youth while in police custody, the prevailing   expectations was that the next step of the investigation would drag on for at least another few weeks. In fact, most of Gray’s supporters in Baltimore and in city’s across the US and around the world were preparing to continue their street protest …

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10-23-2014 bola_suit
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In the Midst of Fearbola

Ebola Crisis: Africa stays strong while world dithers Egbert Gaye The panic over the much-dreaded Ebola virus is almost full-fledged in the United States and slowly making its way across Canada and around the world, as governments and health officials stumble in their response to the outbreak and ordinary people are driven crazy by fear. In the U.S., where the only two cases of the disease have been contracted outside of West Africa, misinformation and irrational concerns are running rampant. Take this woman, an African American traveling from Dallas to Chicago on American Airlines. Poor thing, she must have vomited …

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The politics of Ebola: Not just an African problem

“This is not an African disease. This is a virus that is a threat to all humanity,”: WHO It is a statement as seemingly ridiculous as it is crucial to efforts in curbing an Ebola outbreak that has killed over two thousand people in Africa already this year. At a September 4 news conference, Gayle Smith, special assistant to U.S. President Barack Obama, and senior director at the National Security Council, tried to underscore the scope of the latest Ebola epidemic. “This is not an African disease. This is a virus that is a threat to all humanity,” she said. …

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