Everyone benefits when women find their centre

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According Jacqueline Morrison, facilitator of the upcoming Growth By Design Leadership workshop for women, “the difficult choices in life will not go away, but you can learn how to make the best choice for you.”
And as such, Mrs. Morrison has set herself the task of “empowering and equipping” individuals for personal and professional growth that comes from the development of their Confidence and Character.
“Our signature approach is to teach clients how Positive Habits Produce Effective Outcomes,” says Morrison, a certified Life-Leadership Specialist, conference speaker, licensed minister, and seminar facilitator.
One of the goals of the workshop is to help women move away from “the maybe zone,” stop living in confusion and find clarity in the plans they have laid out for themselves.
Morrison, who together with her husband Kingsley Morrison runs a small community-based ministry, indicated that the individual empowerment of one woman has positive ripple effects on their home, their family, and their community.
“Everything is improved and enhanced by the success of one individual who is empowered to be who they are designed to be.”
Morrison, a graduate of York University (Sociology), worked for many years in social services and ministry in Ontario and Quebec. Over the past twenty years she has been training leaders, as well as developing programs and strategies for personal and professional growth.
Among her many attributes she says is her capacity to equip others “to walk in their purpose, embrace their extraordinary potential, and to own their success.”
“Choice…” she states, “Not chance, determines destiny.”
On Saturday, January 17, Jacqueline Morrison will lead the Growth by Design Leadership Women’s Workshop at 5491 Victoria Avenue, Unit #231. For registration contact 514-660-3709, or email: kairosleadership@rogers.com