Tribute to an ailing entertainer

by Neville “Nato” Brown

For much of the last two and a half decades, Reno Byer  emerged as  one of Montreal’s most versatile entertainers, thrilling audiences on his steelpan while belting out popular  calypsos and folk songs all punctuated by his unique comedy routine.
Reno has a special gift; every word coming from his mouth has the tendency to make audiences listen, laugh and enjoy.
Unfortunately, that special gift is being tested right now with news that sometime last year, Reno was diagnosed with Stage Four colon cancer.
When Reno broke the news to me, in his still-comedic persona, he said, “Boy, I was diagnosed with the big C. I will not be taking any chemo. I am already half-blind, so I am just preparing myself for when the time comes.”
His daughter Rena feels strongly that something should be done for Reno for his years of contribution to this community. So Caribbean Paradise and Black Moses Promotions have joined together to do a tribute on Sunday, August 12, at the popular LaSalle venue where the entertainer thrilled so many Mointrealers.
The event,  which begins at 2:00 p.m. will include  a short service officiated by Rev. Darryl Gray, after which the floor will be open to anyone who would like to pay a  tribute to this special community man.
Several local entertainers are also expected to participate in the the evening which runs until 6:00 p.m.
Entertainers who wish to participate in the evening are asked to walk with their CDs.
Reno will present for this special tribute.
For more information: Please call Nato at 438-937-1924; or Babita at Caribbean Paradise (514) 363-8080.