Sailor 1tif
To quote Pat Dillon-Moore, co-host of CKUT’s Bhum Bhum Tyme, “Wow, wow, and wow…” This new band in its inaugural year is off to an incredible start and hopes to continue in the same way to the finish line on Carifiesta day July 2.
On April 23, band leaders David St. John, Gary ‘Jamal’ Johnson and Helen Baptiste created an impressive evening with all the nautical touches to launch their masquerade band, Sailors Ashore. Everyone in attendance had a great time. Costumes were showcased to the sounds of sweet pan music just to get everyone in the mood for the July 2nd road jam.
Not to be forgotten was some of the best corn soup; bake n saltfish, mauby, as well as a few other Caribbean favorites. The winner of the 50/50 fundraising was announced and Simon Clark was happily surprised to learn on Sunday morning that he was the winner of the ‘Half the pot.’
You see… It pays to support.
If you missed the event, then you missed a treat. But don’t despair, just don’t miss out on their next event at Caribbean Paradise on June 3; this will be the last opportunity to register, order and pay for your costume. If you already have a costume, you’re welcome to be on the road with them, you just need to pay a registration fee [to participate].
Participate to appreciate is what it’s about to be Caribbean in Montreal on Carnival day, a time when you’re definitely glad to be alive and doing well.
FrienZ would like to encourage you to release your inner “band leader,” so you too can start a ‘mas’ band. Perhaps it’s too late to climb aboard this year, but certainly think about next year. Montreal mas has to once again rise and become something we can all be proud of by helping it to reclaim some of its former stature as a North American carnival city, as we still have “de road.”
Experience this year’s joy with FrienZ. For all who turned out in support of the launch, FrienZ thanks you heartily. For those of you who wanted to show up but couldn’t, catch the wave June 3rd.
Finally, for those who supported in different ways, especially our sponsors Cafe 92 Degrees and Mr. Patty, FrienZ sends out a big thank you!
See you on June 3rd.  After that “iz all about de road Carnival.”