We have come to know Zafirah and Zarina Archer as the youngest steelpan playing duo with Martin Albino Savoys and performing under the name “Z Connection.”
As students at Riverdale High School, the sisters are equally outstanding in their achievements and their aspirations.
This past semester, Zafirah graduated with honors and received a   special scholarship from the Pearson Teachers’ Union for her “exceptional achievement.” The scholarship is awarded to a student wishing to pursue a career in the educational field.
Zafirah plans on becoming a psychologist and Special Aid Counselor.
Zarina, who will graduate next year, also made her parents and the community proud by earning the grade 10 Principal Award for Student Of The YEAR.
She has her eyes set on pursuing a career in Corporate Law.
This summer, both Zafirah and Zarina will participate in an internship program in Corporate Law at a prominent Montreal Law firm, PATERAS & IEZZONI.