The struggles of life become a part of our story

Life can be full of loss, frustration, disappointment, struggle and challenges.
Yes, the struggles of life are real, but they’re also a part of our journey, they shape us and change us.
The struggles of life become a part of our story.
If we only focus on the struggles of life we will be in a continual state of overwhelm, but we have to remember that God is not a God of overwhelm, but a God of peace.
“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.”
[1 Corinthians 14:33]
He wants us to experience His inner peace, even in the struggle.
It’s difficult to change your surroundings until you begin to change what’s going on within.
I want to encourage you today.
Don’t lose hope; God is with you even in the struggle.
Sometimes it may feel like God is far away and that He doesn’t really care.
But remember, truth is not based on our feelings.
God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”
[Hebrews 13:5]
You’re not alone.
Life’s struggles can be hard, I know… it’s not always easy, but we have to have hope that the future will be better.
Hope anchors the soul.
Our struggles can reveal a great deal about us.
Alexandra Elle said, “I am thankful for my struggle, because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength.”
Sometimes we don’t know how strong we really are until we have to face life’s challenges.
No matter what you are presently going through, remember to be honest with yourself about how your present situation is affecting you and remember the gratitude; it’s a daily practice.
Being grateful doesn’t mean that everything is always perfect; it means that you’ve decided to look beyond life’s imperfections and still remember the blessings that are all around you.
In the difficult times find those things that you are grateful for; gratitude changes our mindset, gratitude changes our hearts.
And don’t forget to take care of yourself.
Take some time to reflect and ask yourself what you’ve learned in the midst of your struggle?
And remember…
This is only one chapter in your life; your story isn’t over yet.
Yes, life can be full of loss, frustrations, disappointments, struggles and challenges, but it can also be full of beauty, joy, peace, hope, love and blessings…
Don’t give up!
And take time to remember all of the times in the past that you’ve made it through.
Praying that the Lord will give you strength on your journey.
May His peace be with you!