Young Montrealer exploring the music world but loves to come back home to share the vibes

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When you see Sielle on stage on Saturday, August 27 at the Montreal Reggae fest, know that she has been primed for this big hometown appearance for a long time.
You see, Sielle (say ciel like the sky in French) has been on stage in one way or the other for much of her life, having been in performing arts school since she was five.
Today, after graduating from two prestigious music programs at Vanier College and at Concordia University, the Little Burgundy-born singer has grown into a talented multi-genre force whose music include, Folk, Rock, Italian opera, R&B in English, or Pop in French and her own roots music, Reggae.
“It’s exciting to see how much of today’s music has a little fusion of dancehall in them. I’m excited because that’s my roots… that’s me.”
But at the same time, I wouldn’t want to hold on to any one genre, I’m an artist and I’m making good music.”
Since leaving Concordia where she earned a Fine Arts degree with her specialty of Lyrical Opera, she has been on the performing circuit and a lot of her initial hits are in the dancehall style arena.
“Easy Mistake” a collaboration with hit-maker Sean Paul, and produced by Patrick Stephenson (Who Let The Dogs Out), is one of her recent releases, which she says will make inroads with the easy dancehall crowd. It’s currently being played in the clubs and is on rotation on many on-line radio stations.
“Love Holiday” is another of her big tunes produced by Stephenson and Exco-The Shocker, the one she says she “really, really loves,” so much so she is looking forward to sharing it with music lovers and friends and family at the reggae fest this year.
Her appearance at this year’s Reggae Fest is a coming home of sorts because she has been operating out of Toronto where she says there has been expanded opportunities for her and her music.
She has also been making regular jaunts to Jamaica where she hooks up with some of the big names on the dancehall scene.
As a matter of fact she is just coming out of the “Irie FM Road Tour” a highly prestigious crusade of top dancehall artists travelling across Jamaica and stopping at every parish for a performance.
Sielle says it was an amazing experience to be on the road with stars such as Ninja Man, Don Andre, Kalifa and Spice, and made extra special because her performances were so well-received by dancehall crowds across Canada.
“I think it’s a big deal to explore all these platforms outside of Montreal, but it’s just as important for me to come back and share [your] talent with friends, family and [your] community. And I’m looking forward to that.”
No doubt for this emerging star, her appearance on stage at the Old Port of Montreal on Saturday, August 28, will be like a Love Holiday.
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