Egbert Gaye

It took a lot of life’s lessons for Rev. Jennifer McSween to come to terms with the concept of true forgiveness, and when it happened it unleashed a sense of empowerment that she has never known.
“True forgiveness puts you in a position of power as opposed to you being a victim,” is the way she tells it. “It’s a shifting of perspective that moves you from feeling weak, resentful and angry to a place where you’re in complete control of yourself and your emotions.”
She says taken to its full extent, true forgiveness is “about freedom and living your purpose.”
With more than 15 years experience as a spiritual psychotherapist, life’ coach and teacher, Rev. McSween knows too well about the frailties of unchecked emotions by those who think they have been wronged by others.
And she has come to understand fully the dire consequences when we allow those feelings of (victimhood) to “get in the way of whom we really are.” That’s why she has now made it her life’s work to assist people “to let go of those emotional pains” as she puts it.
The blue-print for the work that she has set out for herself is documented in her recently-published book, True Forgiveness: The Proven Path From Pain To Power in 5 Simple Steps, which is now available online.
The book, based on “The Teachings Of A Course In Miracles,” allows people to come to the understanding that even if they have been wronged, you can elevate above it easily.
“The truth is, nothing comes to hurt you,” is the way she sees it. “Whatever happens is on-the-job training for what you have to do in life”
It’s a message that she thinks is crucially important for many in our community and beyond. And she has been on the speaking circuit spreading the word.
In carrying out her work, Rev. McSween draws heavily from her own life experiences from her childhood back in Trinidad and Tobago “searching for a God that made sense” after hearing from different priests who confused her into loving and fearing God at the same time.
“They preach about hell, as if they had been there.”
Her childhood also meant dealing with feelings of abandonment when her mother left her in Trinidad “for a better life overseas.”
When she eventually migrated herself, Rev. McSween continued her search for personal fulfillment by working in a variety of fields, from sales to health care to fashion, earning a degree in Psychology at Concordia University along the way.
Her continued search for a spiritual approach to psychology led her to the University of Meta Physics, leaving in 2002 as an Ordination Ministerial Counsellor.
Looking back at her life’s journey, Rev. McSween remembers working at the Montreal Neurological Hospital not long after her arrival here, and witnessing various forms of tragic incidents afflicting the aged and the young.
She says that experience triggered the realization that she had to “pursue my life path.”
Today, she is just as committed to the cause of transforming lives and says she has made it her guiding purpose to help people transform their lives. And is especially eager to assist those who are in their golden years – the over-50 crowd – deal with issues such as aging, employability and family life.
“I think ultimately my goal is to teach freedom,” she says, exuding the confidence that she carries as a badge. “I want to help people live their purpose.”
So much of which hinges on our ability to come to terms with the lasting benefit that comes learning true forgiveness.
True Forgiveness: The Proven Path From Pain To Power In 5 Simple Steps (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, $16.99USD, 140 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, ISBN: 1976425743) is available on Amazon: