Few can deny the feeling of excitement that goes along with preparing for prom. For graduates, the outfits, the rides, and of course, the after party not only mean the end of five memorable years, but they also signify the new world of possibilities that await them.
What most may seldom consider are the few who never imagine being able to partake in this momentous occasion. Their absence is not due to academic hindrances, but rather the financial strain often inflicted upon students and parents in order to attend.
Well, this is what is so beautiful about the Montreal-based, non-profit organization, The Crown Project. Founded by local, Loreena Gabriel, The Crown Project is an organization dedicated to supporting and uplifting members of the Montreal community—often those in need—through innovative events and projects. Her mission, ideally, is to show the importance of paying it forward.
With her “Prom Queen” contest, Gabriel observed a staggering number of graduates unable to bask in their accomplishments and hard work and turned it into a fun and festive yearly contest to award one lucky lady the title, “Prom Queen.”
With the help of generous donations—a dress by Emmeline Fashion, shoes and accessories by Cs Note Poems, a manicure by Très Bougie, hair services by Bella Bomb Hair and Hair Candy MTL, a cake and cupcakes by Divined Dzerts, monetary donations by Marquise, Lenore, Donalda, and Sade and photography provided by SM Photography—this year, The Crown Project was able to help a very deserving high school senior attend her senior prom.
This year’s recipient was Carissa Stanford-Nyamadi.
As a new graduate from LaSalle Catholic Comprehensive High School, a determined Carissa aspires to be a veterinarian, and will be heading to Dawson College in the fall. After such a magical night, this eldest sibling of 6 and first high school graduate in her family, Carissa’s resiliency and devotion to her success show that she’s already off to a great start.
If you would like to collaborate with The Crown Project or donate your time to a worthy cause, visit them at: https://crownproject.wixsite.com/thecrownproject to learn more.
Congrats, Carissa.