By Rosie Awori

Young Montrealer Sabi Hinkson is driven by her zest to assist single parents who are interested in furthering their education.
Having walked the same path, being a single mother at age 16, this cause is personal and near to Hinkson’s heart.
“After I had my daughter I decided to stay in school. I graduated high school valedictorian, then later on went to get my bachelors in Theology,” she told The CONTACT in a telephone interview recently.
Hinkson added that her two daughters, Kiara and Taneia, are her inspiration: “They are the reason why I strive to be a better woman everyday and they play a major role in my success.”
She’s also aware of the many shoulders upon which she stood in getting to where she is today.
“Looking back, I only made it because of the people around me. It literally took a village to get me to where I am today. I now want to create that village of support for other single parent scholars who may not be as fortunate as I was.”
So, she established an organization through which she will offer support to low-income, single parents who are pursuing post-secondary school in the form of financial help and school supplies.
The Strong-Hinkson Organization, started a program called, “Adopt A single-parent scholar for the Holidays,” where they reached out to deserving single parents over Christmas, helping with their groceries and even providing toys for their children.
Hinkson says she is passionate about seeing success in the community.
She believes that circumstances should not force young people to be stuck and unable to pursue their education.
So those students who are connected with the organization are paired with mentors who can then help and guide them in their careers of choice.
She says the Strong-Hinkson Organization wants to go beyond empowering single parents in the realm of education, by helping in other areas of their personal and social development. And has partnered with small businesses and service providers to offer members discounts on a wide array of products and services, such as hairdressing services, beauty products and books.
The Strong-Hinkson Organization is open to male and female students. There is no cost attached to signing up.
It is also open to partnering with like-minded groups and organizations.
More information on how to sign up as a student or partner with the organization can be found at
Email: Or call 514-552-3434.