Winter’s  cold may have dampened our partying spirit at times, but have no fear as Spring is here.
And with the assurance that warmer days are ahead, so to are the line-up of Soca-based events.
Spring 2019 runs from Wednesday, March 20th to Friday, June 21st and brings new growth, so weed out the bad and make room for something beautiful just as our Soca scene here in Montreal is showing.
On MontreaI’s Soca scene, I will be the first to admit that talking about our problems has become our greatest addiction, and this is a habit I have decided to address by shedding more light on the joys and progress we see in the Soca market.
As spring 2019 unfolds we can definitely see the progress by checking the list of events to come.
So here’s a glimpse of the big spring events in the community.
Soca Strike – This unique event was held on Saturday, March 30 at Salle de Quilles Pont Mercier. This Soca bowling has slowly become a family tradition in the city. It gives young Soca lovers an opportunity to bring their peers and parents together as they enjoy Soca and bowling at the same time.
If you missed the first one of the year, don’t fear, there will be another.
Run Wit It  – On Saturday, April 27th at V Lounge in LaSalle.
“Run Wit It” is the name of the winning song of the 2019 International Soca Monarch King, Grenadian Soca artist Mr. Killa, who is scheduled to perform at this event.
The song was also a favourite during 2019 Trinidad Carnival as well as being recently featured on Bravo TV’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season finale, which aired on Sunday March 31.
Jouvert In May – On Friday, 17th May at V Lounge, featuring Problem Child from St Vincent.
I AM SOCA  – On Saturday, May 18 , at The Fete Loft. On its second Canadian tour this 100% International Soca event features Lyrikal from Trinidad, International Stephen, Selector Pro, Soca Sweetness and many others. I Am Soca was founded in NYC and now has travelled and become one of the biggest International Soca events.
Smile – This unique event is on Sunday May 19th, the Montreal  venue is yet to be announced.
It’s an annual all-inclusive fete from 8pm to 1am featuring a variety of Caribbean dishes, delicacies, drinks, music and more.
I’ve noticed a vast improvement in the Montreal Soca scene this year just by looking at what’s in store in the coming weeks.
Unlike previous years, Montreal Soca lovers are up to date with Soca music, and for this I would like to give thanks to our promoters for paying attention.

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