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For long, hip hop artistes in Montreal have been trying to stake their place in a massive and unpredictable industry where the meaning of success is as fluid as the rhymes and rhythms that flow from the lips of the emcees.
So far a handful of them, mainly from the French sector, have made it to the big times and have been taking the beats of Mont Real to other shores, mainly in Europe, but certainly none to the status or stature of Drake who has established The Six as a serious hip-hop joint.
Enter Kogi Muhammad.
He grew up on the genre, and as a deejay and a streetwise youth hip-hop has been part of his lifeline. Up to today, he claims it to be his “lifeblood” and continues to harbor nothing but love for the genre, even as it moves in directions from his days when he was in the mix on the street.
He has seen the changes and even as he salutes the “old heads” who have laid the hip hop foundation here in Mont Real, he is ready to embrace the young ones who have been staking out their place in the game.
Kogi says he’s well positioned to “merge the old and the young.”
That’s why he’s so excited about his new television show, THE CONCEPT: A Conversation with The Culture of Hip Hop, which will shine a spotlight on new and emerging artistes that are creating a new scene and winning over a new generation of followers and audiences with their rhymes and their expert use of social media.
“These young artists are above and beyond anything we have seen before,” he told the CONTACT.
“This time around, they believe they can compete with the US and Toronto because their music is good, and most importantly they have a new way to reach audiences and followers. They now have social media and with that anything is possible. These young guys are business-minded and they are ready to put in the work.”
He has already completed about four of the eight episodes of the show, which will be shown on a new cable channel, MABI TV ( on the Bell Fibe network, and wants anyone who is interested in hip hop, or emerging Montreal artists, to check them out beginning on January 27.
“Our guests will represent the culture by deciphering it from all sides as we do
naturally… bare bones and always progressive conversations about what we love about the music, the history and evolution of the culture of hip hop,” he states in his promotional package.
The CONCEPT will feature interviews with a mishmash of seasoned veterans of the genres like Dice B, Duke Eatmon, Don Smooth, Dj Blaster, Cali (Music Producer), along with contemporary and emerging local stars such as Tek Louciano, Kooley a God, TGEMarx, Natashia Marie, Flawless Gekzey, Feezy Da Main Man, Anu BuDz and CRVDZ.

It will touch topics such as
● the rise of Graffiti culture and its message
● Political influence of the music
● How hip hop changed our lives and thinking
● Sex and the music (AKA Hoe culture)
● the spiritual message of Hip Hop
● Sound clash…old school to new school
● Hip Hop in fashion (tastemakers) and more…

Get to The CONCEPT:
The Concept premieres Saturday, January 27th at 8:00pm
to view:
1. Bell Fibre: you can search for Mabi TV.
2. Download the Mabi tv app for apple and android.
4. youtube live search Mabi TV.
5. Roku device you can add the channel.