HOPFAN celebrates Impact and Excellence

Tynesha Mullings

Give honor to whom honor is due… this is a biblical statement that provides guidance to many.
These days people are so quick to publicize scandals great and small or to broadcast the wrong that people do, but what about the good? Granted, no one is perfect and yes, even saints fall at times but by encouraging others we help one another get back up.
We build each other up. Today’s society often overlooks the good in others and as a result, many of us have (even unintentionally ) neglected in showing our appreciation, our gratitude and honor for those who are deserving.
The founding pastor of House of Prayer for all Nations felt this very sentiment four years ago and decided that during the church’s annual fundraiser banquet they would recognize members of the Montreal community with an award to acknowledge their contributions to the and to celebrate the positive impact they have had in the lives of others.
These awards can be given to young and old, entrepreneurs and volunteers, seniors, leaders and many others. The honorees are selected by recommendation.
The fourth annual HOPFAN community IMPACT and EXCELLENCE awards are being presented to Wilfred Lalchan, best known as Uncle Freddy, a solid community worker and Tonya Julien, a stalwart in the Christian and Gospel community.
This year, both honorees are being acknowledged for their giving. They have been known to give of their time, their energy and their support to the benefit of others. They are the man and woman behind the scenes making sure that things get done and most often doing the less solicited but yet crucial tasks that others disregard.
With their faithful giving they have often made innumerable sacrifices to help others individually and collectively. From intentional teamwork such as setting up and taking down a hall, cleaning or clearing tables, giving someone a ride, carrying and transporting food and materials etc. The beauty in both of these honorees is their consistency and dedication to their benevolence and to the city of Montréal and its people.
If you know either of these individuals or if you want to know more about either of them and why they have been selected as this year’s honorees come out on NOVEMBER 9th 2019 for the 16th annual fundraiser and concert to witness and join in the celebration as we honour these exceptional individuals.
Another highlight will be live performances by recording artist Jamaica-based Jabez and Montreal’s Zina Edwards.
The banquet is hosted by Pastor Julianna Daniel and the members of House of Prayer for All Nations. The event starts at 5:30pm at the Town of Mount Royal Hall, 90 Roosevelt ave, TMR Quebec H3R 1Z5
A catered multi-course Caribbean meal will be served with For tickets call 514-743-2490 or 514-341-4901 or on FB @hopfanqc or www.hopfanqc.ca
Tickets are $70 for 1 ADULT | $80 for 1ADULT + 1CHILD(6-12) | $35 for YOUTH (13-17)