Priscilla Findlay and Guerschon Auguste: Gospel Meets Jazz

Rosie Awori

Fusing the sweet sounds of gospel and the groovy Jazz tunes can be expected in an extravaganza dubbed “Gospel meets Jazz.” It’s what two young Montrealers, Priscilla Findlay and Guerschon Auguste are promising to deliver in their upcoming show, what is expected to be an inspirational event in the city.
The duo has been slowly making waves on the gospel circuit, locally and internationally. And with youth on their side they’re on course and moving in the right direction.
Guerschon Auguste holds a degree in Jazz Interpretation from Université de Montréal and has always enjoyed experimenting with tunes to create new sounds. He weaves heavenly tunes on the piano and is a respected member and soloist of Jireh Gospel Choir, where he’s had the occasion to perform at various events such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival 2018 and 2019 and recently at Les Grandes Voix du Québec’s Chantent Noël 2019 with the MSO.
He is also a talented songwriter and a vocal arranger. He wrote and arranged “Tiens Bon” and “Merci” for Jireh Gospel Choir. Both songs were produced and included in their album “Get Up,” which won Best Gospel Album of the Year. In addition, he was a background vocalist for renowned artists such as Corneille and Bobby McFerrin.
In 2019, he released his first single titled “Moi j’ai hate.”
Looking to the future he hopes to finish his EP in the next two years and has his sights on more showcases to spread the message of the kingdom of God.

“Gospel music is really a beautiful genre and I want people all over to know that it’s for everyone. It’s full of life. And during the showcase we will blend jazz to with well-loved gospel. And this promises to be an inspirational experience for all,” he said in an interview with the CONTACT.
Priscilla Findlay, has also been holding her own on the music scene. The Montreal-based singer has been performing since age of 8 at her local church, O’Brien Church of God.
She received her musical training at the University of Montréal and in Tennessee, and the gifted vocalist has since been a soloist in various churches and musical groups across Quebec, including Église Nouvelle Vie and the Montréal Gospel Choir.
In 2016, Priscilla sang a solo in the opening act for the Kirk Franklin Show at Montreal’s Bell Center with Jireh Gospel Choir.
“Gospel music is my calling,” she said in a recent interview with the CONTACT as she explained her passion for the popular musical genre. And she hopes the show will help to improve the perception of gospel music in Montreal.
“I dream big, I want the Montreal Jazz Fest to have a gospel section. Hopefully through showcases such as ours they will see gospel is here to stay and is loved by all. “
Gospel meets Jazz will take place at The Lighthouse, 2154 St, Catherine O on March 14, 7-9pm. For more info: