Enhancing people’s relationship with their food

Egbert Gaye

Going into the restauranbusiness three years ago, Peter Francis brought with him an understanding of the way people relate to their food.
“They have a strong relationship with their food. They eat mainly for their well-being and, of course, for taste,” he says. “My goal is to enhance that experience.”
To make that happen, Francis and his life partner, Sandra Lynch, have fashioned a little operation, Caribe Patties, located at the corner of Jean-Milot and Lafleur in LaSalle, where they offer food made with ingredients that are fresh and appetizing and delivered in an open and inviting environment.
“This open-concept speaks to what the restaurant is all about,” says Francis, pointing to the kitchen that’s in full view of the serving counter: “Quality food that is well-prepared in a safe and clean setting. ”
And as the name suggests, Caribe Patties serve a variety of the Jamaican delicacy, which many contend are among the tastiest in the city. Their ackee patty pushes the boundary a little and is a must-try for many foodies.
They also carry an extensive selection of dishes that cater to the diversity of Montrealers that pass through the resto from time to time.
So on any given day you can pick up the regular jerk chicken, BBQ chicken, curry goat or red snapper dishes, along with various types of rotis all of which, according to Francis, can be modified to suit the taste of any Montrealer.
“With the changing face of the city, we’re seeing a different line-up of clients coming from all over the world. So instead of selling them a chicken roti we’re selling them a chicken wrap or a fusion of our standard meals.”
“We have to be more than just a Jamaican or even a West Indian restaurant. We have to be prepared to bring different cultures together.”
Also, the Jamaican-born Francis says he’s well positioned to meet the changing diets that many of today’s restaurant-goers are bringing to the counter.
“We’re seeing many people moving to embrace vegetarianism or the vegan style, which have always been part of our diet, known simply as Itals. So it’s all part of what we add to the culinary landscape of Montreal.”
Francis says Carib Patties, now in its 3rd year, is doing just fine, under the watchful eyes of himself and Sandra (Lynch). The hours are long and arduous, but are bolstered by a loyal and hard-working staff of about eight fulltime and part-time workers.
He acknowledges that the climate in the city, especially in the restaurant industry, comes with a multitude of challenges, but is quick to embrace each and every one of them, knowing that he’s adding something tasty and enjoyable to the restaurant landscape of Montreal.
Carib Patties, 9550 Jean-Milot, LaSalle. Qc. 438-387-4004.