Fundraiser on Saturday May 18 at Le 3 Brasseurs in Pointe Claire

Teenage girls and boys are now gearing up for an evening filled with glitz and glamour, their crowing moment, their prom. However, not all students can afford prom regalia and to ensure that deserving students get what they need for their night, the ladies at #SheDidThat, are committed to giving back to the black community in Montreal.
Founded by Katrina Nurse, Tamraa Greenidge and Tish McLean the prom initiative is aimed at giving high school graduates the chance to win an experience of a lifetime; an all expense paid prom.
It is not just a one night only event, but the ladies also act as mentors the students in the months leading up to their prom. Here they deal with self-esteem, body image and self-care.
Currently, applications are closed for this year but they will be holding a fundraiser on Saturday May 18 at Le 3 Brasseurs in Pointe Claire from 1PM. The fundraiser seeks to raise finances for this project. Anyone interesting in sponsoring the project can send an email to with the word “Sponsorship” in the subject box.
And tickets for the event can be purchased online at :