In Montreal on March 26. Consciousness and inspiration in hip hop

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The arena is overcrowded with artistes trying to make their mark on a hip hop generation that’s blessed and cursed by an abundance of stars, Washington, DC-born MC, Sa-Roc is an intelligent and conscious woman. She knows that.
So as soon as she entered the game, her first move was to distinguish herself from all the other hypa-talented stars on the scene.
She chose to do so by going in the opposite direction to the trend that has come to define the rap scene.
When Sa-Roc comes to Montreal on March 26, don’t expect unnecessary raunchiness, too many bad words and negative portrayals of women.
“I believe in the roots of rap music and hip hop culture which were (driven) by consciousness and positive vibes from artistes like KRS One, Public Enemy and others,” she told in CONTACT in a telephone interview recently. “And I know that although there has been a lot of negative stereotypes in the music and the culture, there are still many fans who have never lost their appetite for conscious music.”
So that’s what she’s all about: “music that strives to inspire by promoting a positivity, righteousness and spiritual elevation.”
Growing up, Sa-Roc saw herself as an aspiring creative writer and actress, but found herself in front of a mic by chance. It turned out to be a fateful day because it caught the attention of acclaimed producer-musician Sol-Messiah. He encouraged her to take a shot. It wasn’t long after that she dropped her first EP, Astral Chronicles.
Now based in Atlanta, where she says there is a rich environment for independent artistes to create and thrive, Sa-Roc continues to work with Sol Messiah, building her sound and her base.
She says along the way she has had to deal with some negativity because there has been a tendency “to sideline or even silence the voice of women in hip hop … but I came into the business with a strong sense of who I am and what I wanted to present, so it wasn’t much of a challenge to me.”
She has been a feature on the circuit performing along the east coast, west coast and mid-west, winning over audiences with powerful lyrics fuelled by pulsating and   driving beats.
Sa-Roc says it’s still full enjoyment every time she steps on stage.
“It’s always high energy…call and response… fun.
She comes to Montreal at Restaurant L’Escapade on March 26.
Also making an appearance that night will be M-city SOLO, who has carved out a special place in Montreal with his distinct sound and style.
Over the past couple years traipsing across the city, province and country he has been electrifying audiences with music that encompasses all that he is as a young Montrealer influenced by the cultures around him.
He brings some electro, rock and reggae into his hip-hop, also with a distinctly Caribbean (if not Trini) flavour.
M-city SOLO has also distinguished himself as an inspirational speaker and mentor to many youth in the city.
The Community Keepers Club presents Sa-Roc Live in Montreal on March 26, at 8:00pm @ Restaurant L’Escape, 5167 Boul Decarie. MC: Keithy Antoine Ladyspecialk. DJ Marvelous Marvin Special Guest: M-city SOLO, West Can, Dice B Cherenfant, dArk mAAt’r. Tickets: 514-651-4545.