BORN TO RISE  on April 27

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For four years Montrealers have been coming out to a grand event to hear people tell their stories of confronting and overcoming personal challenges of one kind or another. So in keeping with the spirit of “overcoming…” the much-anticipated event has now been cemented in the minds of those who have been participants or guests.
To that end, Born To Rise is back for its 5th edition.
As in previous years, this year’s event will be another occasion to hear Real people tell Real Stories, all the while moving emotions in a special setting.
We will provide a platform for participants – individuals like yourselves – to come out and share their stories of confronting and overcoming adversity through the creation of a self-therapeutic space for our speakers to inspire participants to rise above [their] personal challenges. Most importantly, it will allow the individual [you] know that “you are not alone” in your personal crisis.
That’s the objective of Born To Rise.
A host of speakers will be on hand to tell their personal stories, as well as talking on various subjects impacting many communities, such as bullying, various forms of abuse, grief and others. Be sure to bring tissues; you certainly will be moved as you’re taken on a journey of heartfelt stories.
But it won’t be all sadness and tears; there will also be performers on hand to uplift the spirits. Vitiligo panelists, live Q&A with the audience, award presentations, special words from Nalie Agustin, giveaways and prizes, and closing remarks from BTR founder, Aiesha Robinson.
Organizers are asking Montrealers to “wear a touch of white” to mark the 5th anniversary and to represent the theme of unity. They also ask you arrive on time to show respect to the storytellers. Host for the evening is Catherine Verdon-Diamond.
The event kicks off with complimentary appetizers and drinks a token of appreciation from organizers, followed by a cocktail hour. They will also have a variety of booths on site for exploration. The audience will have a chance to meet with speakers, take photos, and share their feedback. Showtime is 7:00 PM sharp.
Over the years, Robinson has come to embrace her struggle with vitiligo but has also come to realize that many other young people are dealing with their own issues, which fueled her to launch the Born To Rise event as a way to reach out to those dealing with personal challenges
For many years her message to other has been: It doesn’t matter what you’re going through, you were born to rise above adversity and… you’re not alone.
And for the fifth year, that message continues to resonate.

Born To Rise  on April 27, at 5:30 PM at  École secondaire Cavelier-De LaSalle, 9199 rue Centrale  Entrance: Door #8 off Angus Street.
More info. at 514-978-9228. Facebook Page:
Instagram: @aiesharobinson_ // @borntorise.mtl