Now more than ever Christians and churches must get back to the old fashion art of daily prayers.
We thank God for our grandparent and great grandparents who have left us the legacy of daily prayers.
That generation knew the importance of prayer. They knew just who is in charge of the universe. They knew that this world is a spiritual world and that it’s being controlled by a spiritual God who we cannot see with our natural eyes, but yet believe that He exists.
Prayers never die; they will always outlive the people who utter them.
The lips that uttered them may now be closed in death, and the heart that felt them may have ceased to beat, but prayers live on before God, and God’s heart is set on answering them.
A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. A prayerless church is a lifeless church.
The destiny of cities, nations, people and continents are birthed by the prayers of God’s people.
The prayers of God’s people are the capital block in heaven by which Christ carries out his great work here on Earth.
Only the prayer of God’s people can change and revolutionize Earth. It’s time for all of us to embrace a daily prayer life.
Did you know that nothing happens until someone prays? God cannot do anything for humanity until someone prays.
Prayer moves God.
Prayer is the highest calling above every other.
Earth is in its current condition because we have forgotten that He (the Lord) rules Earth with truth and grace.
Now is the time for you to rise up and take your place and position yourself to daily call upon the God who created you.
God is counting on you, and Earth is groaning and waiting for the manifestation of the prayers of the children of God.