One thing leads to another is a unique composition created by Maja Ardal. Based on the neuroscience of learning; how we learn after we are born. Maja researched the neuro science of learning after which she got together with some performers and trained them how to sing in a way babies would enjoy and be captivated. Then they begun using props and toys to address all the baby’s senses.
The performance is sure to engage, stimulate and delight baby and parent or adult companion alike. Participants will be asked to remove footwear and sit on floor pillows, enabling adults to interact closely with their infants. YPT has made special arrangements to accommodate parents with stroller parking, a diaper changing station and a quiet area.
Ardal performs the show together with critically acclaimed actress, Malindi Ayienga.
The show begins with Maja and her team receiving the babies in the first half hour, the next half hour is a non-verbal performance that involves performers using music, sounds effects, props and textiles to engage baby theatregoers in a basic story about cause and effect. And in the last half hour, the babies are invited to join in and play with the performers.
“The only time they cry is when they have to leave after the last half hour,” Maja said to the CONTACT. “Otherwise they are quiet and fully captivated.”
Critics have hailed the show as, “an innovative work of theatre created specifically for infants, this production transforms everyday objects into fabulous, fanciful, theatrical phenomena as it engages, stimulates and delights babies and adults alike.”
One thing leads to another comes to Montreal on January 30-February 3 at Studio Hydro Quebec, thanks to Geordie Theatre.