Novel Thomas

When Marcus Gordon launched Long Life Productions two years ago, he had more than fashion—custom-made apparel—in mind; it was also the heralding of a “movement to inspire and instill awareness” not just in customers visiting his West Island ONYX 3 SALON/boutique, but also online visitors to the website.
That’s because LONG LIFE PRODUCTIONS is a multi-faceted operation that creates, produces and sells an original clothing line, does photography as well as video and music production.
“It’s a movement more than a company,” says Gordon.
Through its different departments, it brings people of different backgrounds with different interests together. It’s a way of getting the name Long Life Productions out there, and most importantly “trying to change the frequency” (the usual way of doing things…) Gordon believes it’s another way of getting people from diverse and creative backgrounds interacting…
So far, LLP has produced a line of casual wear (sweaters) and Gordon says a line of business suits is in the final phase of the planning stage, with production expected to get underway soon. Look out for the final product to be hanging on the racks by the end of spring to early summer. And that’s just the beginning.
Long Life Productions also has a musical department that includes a cadre of hip hop/rap artists, including several old school icons. Others are local up-and-coming artists whose music and agenda are about instilling positive vibes, as well as generating and expanding human consciousness on a personal, community and global level. [Check the LLP website for some of the “old school” names in the hip hop/rap game in its frequency.]
One of the methods used to expand the LLP frequency is by reaching out to youth through recurring visits to local elementary and secondary schools with the MUSIC WITH MEANING TOUR, where the message is disseminated through music, lectures and conversation, and especially meeting and speaking with students.
It’s about creating a different frequency, a new vibration and feeling, which Long Life Production’s variety of herbal teas (with their health properties) will afford. And while you’re there, sample the Alkaline water; Marcus also swears by its purity and benefits… They’re all available at the West Island spot.
Under the management of proprietor, Marcus Gordon, LONG LIFE PRODUCTIONS is locked and emitting the right frequency.
Tune in and get on the LONG LIFE PRODUCTIONS frequency by visiting the West Island location, the ONYX 3 SALON, at 16021 Pierrefonds Blv’d. 514-826-8739. Or visit www.longlifeproductions.com