Sizzla, Chronic Law and Makamillion,

You never know when your bad luck can turn to worse luck.
For the month of October a few Caribbean artists have been encountering a string of bad luck.
Reggae/dancehall icon Sizzla has been hospitalized following a motorcycle crash; dancehall artiste Chronic Law was involved in a car accident and Soca artist Makamillion was victimized by the police in his home.
Saturday, October 19, Sizzla was out and stuntin’ on one of his motorcycles along Mona Road in Kingston when he lost control and ended up with a broken right ankle.
Sizzla was born on April 17, 1976, and was raised in August Town where he still resides.
He emerged on the reggae and dancehall scene in the late 1990s with hit singles such as ‘Black Woman and Child,’ ‘Thank You Mama,’ ‘Dry Cry,’ ‘Just one of those days’ and ‘Solid as a rock.’
He also established ‘Judgment Yard’ by turning his August Town home into a community centre where he welcomes the community and organizes activities.
Sizzla’s injury was severe but not life threatening, and he remained hospitalized in Kingston for a while. Among the many well-wishers for 43-year-old Rastafarian were also several criticisms on social media, some stating that he was too old to be doing motorcycle stunts. Sizzla had a similar bike accident in 2011. Hope this time he learns.
Chronic Law is feeling real lucky these days after a narrow escape when his car overturned in Yallahs, St. Thomas, Jamaica, on Saturday, October 26. The 6IX artist posted a photo captioned: “God bless youth #1Law” following the incident to set his many fans and friends at ease.
Born Akeeme Campbell on December 17, 1993, Chronic Law is a new generation deejay and has been in the music arena for the past five years or so. He is signed to East Syde Record.
A few weeks ago Soca star Makamillion, born John Michael Alibocus, complained about being victimized by police. The artist, who made a smooth transition from club and event promoter to artist manager and then Soca artist is seen as one of the best on the Soca circuit these days.
On the night in question Makamillion awoke to a loud noise that turned out to be the police using a grinder to pry open his door. Upon police entering Makamillion said he was slapped in the face by officers who pushed him onto a chair and restrained him with handcuffs, while they searched his whole house leaving a big mess.
Makamillion said he was then released, nothing was found and they left without a word.

  • Oct. 14th 1983 – Grenada leftist coup under vice-premier Coard
  • Oct. 15th 1994 – President Jean-Bertrand Aristide returns to his seat in Haiti after living in exile following a 1991 coup.

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