Support community business. Help build wealth. Fight Racism

Egbert Gaye

Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman is too troubled by the increasing incidences of police abuse and other discriminatory acts that can be traced to anti-Black racism in Quebec of late.
“It’s up to us to stand up to racism,” he says in a recent sit-down at the CONTACT office. “And we have the power to do so in a positive way. But it means we have to come together as a collective and start building wealth. Only then we’ll be able to stand up for ourselves.”
When it comes to community empowerment Pharaoh, as he’s known widely, is unrelenting. It has been his quest since 2011 when he launched One Full Circle (OFC) a socio-economic and political membership club, which he describes as “a spiritually grounded, non-denominational, self-sustaining, and altruistic organization” established as a network for Black-owned businesses, organizations and professionals.
We have to support each other “and build from within”, he says. And the best way to do it is to spend money within the community and help to build our businesses.
This is the mission of the OFC, a youth-driven initiative that’s working continuously to connect the professionals and entrepreneurs within their network with potential clients who are also members of the group.
Today, he says that the network stands at about 450 businesses, professionals and individual members in and around the Montreal area, and include people from both the English and French sectors of the community, breaking down the artificial barriers that have kept the community divided for a long time.
Pharaoh says as of this past November the OFC entered another crucial stage in its development with the launch of its online community directory, which carries extensive listings of products and services available on the network.
He says entrepreneurs and professionals listed in the directory are already experiencing an upturn in business because they are in direct contact with OFC members who are ready to spend money with people who have their best interest at heart and are community-minded.
He added that these enterprises also benefit from the OFC “best practices” policies that help entrepreneurs maintain the standard of service as well as having access to business coaches to help them reach their potential.
And because we know that money is always a big problem for entrepreneurs, we’re currently putting in place an initiative where they can access up to $45,000 in business financing from those who qualify.
“This directory offers entrepreneurs and professionals an opportunity to see that there’s value in changing the current system that’s in place. We have to empower our community by building wealth.”
Pharaoh say by listing products and services these businesses are tapping into a network that’s ready to support them. It’s a win-win situation for them and in the end it will benefit the next generation and help break the cycle of racism that have us trapped.
To get listed in the Black business directory go to or call 514-651-4545.