REUNITED Again in 2016

Former students of Royal Arthur School and past members of the Negro Community Centre (NCC) will reunite for the sixth consecutive year on Saturday July 23rd for a picnic in Angrignon Park from 10am to 7pm.
The impact that these two institutions have had in the shaping of the lives of their alumni and members, most of whom resided in the South West area of Montreal, AKA Little Burgundy and St Henri, is immeasurable.
The NCC and Royal Arthur Reunion Picnic was initiated in 2011 by Muriel Walton, and her sister Viola.  Other people in the community who wanted to preserve the legacy of these two organizations assisted offering their support, in some cases financial contributions were made.
Royal Arthur school closed in 1982 and the community mourned the demise of NCC in 2014. Left behind are generations who commemorate their experiences with NCC and Royal Arthur by attending the reunion picnic.  Expats now living abroad, plan their summer vacations around the picnic date.
At the picnic people reminisce about the teachers they loved dearly, or not: Mrs. Appugliese, better known as Mrs. Appledaisy, teacher of at least three generations, Mr. Curran, Miss  Bernstein, who remains in touch with some of her students, and countless more given the century plus life of Royal Arthur Elementary School.
Then there was NCC. It too survived 100 years serving the socio-cultural lives of thousands of Blacks in and around Montreal. Who remembers Mrs. Palmas, and Mrs. Sealey from daycare, Aunt Gladys and Auntie Olga, tap and Ballet, Mrs. Sweeney, Saturday piano classes, Mrs. Griffith, and Jimmy Hood after school, Joey Braithwaite from day camp? Who played basketball and pool, learned to sew or maybe not? What about arts and crafts and drama?
Toss your memories around July 23rd at the 2016 NCC and Royal Arthur Reunion Picnic.