Margot Blackman & Egbert Gaye

Congratulations and much love and respect are in order for Mrs. Una Adams who celebrated her 105th birthday on October 15.
Mrs. Adams was born in Barbados on October 15, 1913, and came to Canada in 1948 to join her husband Mr. Fred Adams who served in the Canadian military during WWII.
They settled in the Rosemont district where they raised their sons Dr. Robert Adams and Neil Adams.
Speaking to the CONTACT by phone, Mrs. Adams was gracious and engaging.
A lifelong member of the Salvation Army, which she joined growing up in St. Michaels, Barbados, she says all her life’s blessings are due to the good graces of God.
“I never live my life on my own, I let the Good Lord guide me always.”
Growing up, she was a seamstress and a music teacher, having learnt to play the piano at a very young age.
She remembers one of her earliest performances, having to sit on the lap of the Salvation Army Officer, who navigated the pedals while she played the keys.
Her favorite songs to play were Amazing Grace and other old hymns.
Today, Mrs. Adams is lively, witty and jovial, with a perfect memory and sharp mental faculties, and is a joyful influence on those around her.
She still lives in Montreal and is an ardent reader of the Community CONTACT newspaper.
She is the grandmother of Daniel, Jonathan and Aaron.
On behalf of the community, The CONTACT extends Best Wishes to Mrs. Una Adams.