Delightful family songs by  local singer Richard Gamble

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This year local singer Richard Gamble brings a new personality into the Christmas celebrations, Mr. Chill The Ice Man, a  ice hockey-playing,  joyful type of fellow who has nothing but cheer and goodwill to all who he meets.
Mr. Chill is the central theme in Gamble’s latest self-produced CD and he and all of his relatives including their snow reindeer are musically highlighted in the three featured songs.
The songs are arranged by David Mobio with background singing by Amy Savvy Adlyn and Brianna Gamble.
They are easy to listen to and beautiful for children and holiday-time family bonding.
Barbados born Gamble is a former member of the Gospel Heralds out of Bibleway Pentecostal Church.  The songs can be purchased at, itunes , Amazon or Contact  (514)367-5754.