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Ask anyone of them and they will tell why they were really in Trinidad for Carnival 2015: it was not only for the non-stop partying (some All-Inclusives ranged from $500-$3000-TTdollars) at Machel Monday, Girls Night Out, Battle of The Sexes and Bacchanal Wednesday.
It wasn’t just to join the over 30,000 revelers at Soca Monarch, or to be getting on bad in the North Stands for Panorama or the Demarche Gras Show.
Or to lanai on the streets for old-time mas, children’s carnival, J’Ouvert, Monday Day Night mas or the two big parade days.
Oh yes, they ate a lot of bake and shark up Maracas, doubles and some over-sized roties, and lots of them enjoyed the KFC chicken with the nice pepper sauce on the side. And we ‘ent’ talk about the Caribe, Stag, Heineken, Guinness and Mackeson and the White Oak, puncheon and babash, yet.
It was even about the hot sun, sparkling beaches, constant shit-talk and family. The dozens of Montrealers who went to T&T for the carnival did so that they can come back here and make “couyon mouth” at those of us who couldn’t go.