Acclaimed motivational speaker and life coach in Montreal on his Real Love Tour

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Tony Gaskins took a round about way to his true calling, which is to help others overcome adversity and get to the next level in their lives.
As an acclaimed life coach and author with a massive on-line following, Gaskins has brought deliverance to tens of thousands around the world (among whom are a significant percentage of women), guiding them through issues of relationship, love and the drive for success.
In doing so, he draws from a large reservoir of life experiences acquired from his youthful days in Florida, then as a student athlete at university where drugs, women   and fast living were central to all that he was.
When he did turn his life around it was based on his commitment to Jesus Christ and a vow to dedicate his life to the service and betterment of others.
In keeping that commitment, Gaskins built himself into an incredible force for good by fortifying himself with motivational messages from successful people and ordinary folks who inspired him.
Today, he travels far and wide spreading inspiration with a message that focuses on love, business success and self-development to individuals and groups at colleges, universities, major sports organizations and churches.
Today, with several books to his credit, together with countless seminars and life-enhancing conferences, he continues to keep that commitment.
His work has earned him invitations to the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Tyra Banks Show and the designation of being one the most acclaimed voices in the U.S.
Gold Diva Events will in Montreal as part of his Real Love Tour on Saturday, July 18, in what is deemed the first installment of the new Inspirational Speakers Series present Tony Gaskins.
“We live in a society where the divorce rate and the number of singles are steadily rising. By inviting a renowned expert from the United States, we, in Montreal, will be exposed to a perspective derived from a different culture which, I hope, will enrich our knowledge and improve our situations in love,” said Golda Simon, president and founder of Gold Diva Events.
Tony Gaskins at Hotel Bonaventure, 900 rue la Gauchetiere, W. on July 18, 7:30-10:30 p.m. Tickets available (There will be live translation).