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Meet Simone, Valerie and Samantha, three sisters, each well trained in her respective field as an accounting professional, a beautician and an information technologist, respectively; but they share a singular passion.
“Our mother, grandmother and great grandmother always taught us to take pride in our appearance on the inside just as much as on the outside,” stated Simone, the middle sister.
Inspired by the guiding wisdom of three generations of women who have been the anchor of their lives, the three sisters acquired and nurtured their passion for health and beauty.
And it’s what led them to the family business adventure that they embarked on five years ago.
Simone says Luxurious Mane is an on-line hair distribution company that’s built on a commitment of quality to women in Montreal and beyond who are spending their hard-earned cash to buy wigs, weaves, extensions and other hairpieces.
The faux hair industry around is one of the fastest growing segments in the fashion world today; it amounts to billions of dollars in an increasingly urbanized world. Some estimates have it topping more than $10 billion in the next five years or so.
Simone says it’s money from ordinary women that is fueling the industry and she and her sisters want to ensure that consumers, especially in our community, get the quality products and service they rightfully deserve.
“Our goal is to ensure that women receive the quality they are investing in. Because investing in quality hair can save women hundreds of dollars. With proper maintenance, our products can last up to four years.”
She says they too learnt the hard way through the experiences of Samantha, the youngest sister.
“She often bought hair extensions online that would be of poor quality and would get really disappointed for losing her money. We hated seeing her suffer. We were certain that other girls were experiencing the same aggravation with bad product and poor customer service.”
So the enterprising sisters, who grew up in a single-parent house with a mom who was more like a “big sister” showing them the virtues of hard work and dedication, decided to put some time and money in a business that was close to their heart.
“After investing large sums of our savings on testing products and buying inventory to only suffer losses due to bad products, we finally found an amazing product that passed the test,” she says.
Today, Luxurious Mane offers itself as a credible place in the faux-hair industry with products that cater to all hair types ranging from a tight coil to a straight strand. We are concerned with helping individuals look and feel great about themselves.
Our slogan is: “Be your best self.”

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