Call him the Kidd Wonder

Egbert Gaye

After only two professional fights, it might be a little early for predictions, but spend a little time with Diizon Belfon and you too might be tempted to say that the young Montrealer is destined for big things in the boxing ring.
Maybe it’s the way he disposed of his high caliber opponents in those recent fights, or it might be his overwhelming self-confidence, which is driven by eagerness to learn and to grow.
“I’m quite aware of what I’m involved in when I get into the ring. It’s to be the best I can and provide entertainment for the spectators. That’s what it’s all about,” he told the CONTACT at a recent pass through our offices.
It’s also why he calls himself ‘Kidd Wonder.’
“With every fight I want to amaze people and have them say how wonderful I am.”
And so he was in his debut outing on March 23, at the Montreal Casino as a Middleweight (160 pounds) against a highly touted young Montrealer, Adam Ayoubi, whom he summarily dispatched by TKO in the 3rd round.
Then on April 13, again at the Casino de Montreal, knocking out Gerardo Aldama of Mexico in the 2nd round.
A glorious start for the 25-year-old Belfon who was born in St. Patrick’s, Grenada (who is supremely proud of his native land just as he is to be Canadian), following an equally spectacular amateur career of 18 fights with only one defeat.
And he will be the first to tell you that only six years ago he knew nothing about boxing.
“Furthest thing from my mind. I had no idea what the sport was all about and I didn’t care.”
That is until a friend invited him to see a Floyd Mayweather bout.
“I was blown away about what boxing can do for you… the wealth, the fame and even the girls. It got my attention and I said to myself I can do that, and called the gym the next day.”
So began his journey, which Belfon promised to his fellow Grenadians while home on a visit on February 7th at their celebration of Independence, that he will be bringing them a world title in 2023.
And he knows what it will take to fulfill that promise.
“I know that I have the skills and the talent to do it. I’m my toughest critic, and looking back on my two fights I realize how much more I have to learn but also how much more I can turn up the heat on my opponents.”
To prepare him for the task ahead, Belfon already has a high calibre team of boxing professionals in his corner, including the highly respected trainer/coach Herby Whyne, together with the world-renowned Grant Brothers, Otis and Howard.
“I know I have the best in Canada behind me, so with that level of support I think I’m ready to take on the best,” he says. “I also know that to become world champion, I have to work extra hard and answer the challenge to fight the best there is out there.”
To do so, Belfon added that his focus is on remaining positive, reading and continuing to learn the art of boxing.
He’s also fully committed to community empowerment and is chuck full of enthusiasm and ideas on helping others around him.
But for now, he’s inviting all Montrealers to watch and see how far his overflowing zest and talents will take him.
The Wonder Kid’s next fight is at the Casino on June 8.