In 2011 when God spoke to me to start Lighthouse Tabernacle Apostolic, I really didn’t know what lay ahead. In the early days of our ministry we went from home to home and at one point even had a service in a park during which I felt as if I was preaching to trees.
Nevertheless, we continued forward and continued to build. We eventually found a location, and on May 4, 2014 we officially launched the ministry.
So far it has been an exceptional journey.
Over the years, people have come and gone. We’ve experienced good and bad, but despite various setbacks our ministry has remained blessed. Today, after five years, we still stand strong.
Recently, as more and more French families join our ministry, it has allowed us to having bilingual services.
We also have a Spanish pastor and have several Spanish families, which have also allowed us to start having services in that language.
This year we proudly celebrate five years in the ministry. And to mark this occasion we will have our annual conference on May 2 – 4. During that weekend we will look back and thank God for all He has done, but we also look forward with great expectations.
At the conference three mighty men of God, Pastor Andrew Eastman, Pastor Raymond Grant and Pastor Paul Campbell will join us.
In the last five years we have overcome many obstacles, rejoiced in many blessings and now, as we start this new journey, we desire your sincere prayers and well wishes.

Pastor Stephen Hogan and First Lady Arondowele Agard Hogan