One of Jamaica’s top reggae groups, The Mighty Diamonds, is making a stop in Montreal later this month.
With a roots reggae DNA, coupled with strong Rastafarian influences, the Jamaican threesome has been on the scene since its formation in 1969 in the Trenchtown area of Kingston. And they continue to thrill audiences wherever they perform.

Originally called The Limelight, their smooth harmonies and choreographed stage shows were inspired by Motown vocal groups such as The Temptations, The Stylistics, The Impressions and The Delfonics. As the group perfected their style, they were attracted by the dominant local musical influences such as rocksteady, which were been increasingly popularized by Jamaican artists like John Holt and Ken Boothe.

Their early recordings include ‘Girl You Are Too Young’ released in 1970, ‘Oh No Baby’, ‘Mash Up’ ‘Jah Jah Bless the Dreadlocks’, ‘Carefree Girl’, and ‘Talk About It’. The group finally broke through in 1973 with their first hit single ‘Shame and Pride.’ Their status as one of the top Jamaican groups was cemented with their release of the hit, ‘Right Time of the time.’
Over their career, beginning with their 1976 debut album ‘Right Time’ followed by their 1979 release Deeper Roots, which commanded international attention, the group has produced over forty albums, one of which produced the international mega hit, ‘Pass the Kouchie’ from their 1981 album Changes. The song became an international hit twice, when it was first released on their 1982 album Changes, and later when it was covered by Musical Youth under the altered title/lyric ‘Pass the Dutchie’.
With hits like Pass The Kouchie, Juvenile Child, Right Time, Have Mercy, and a string of others… the legendary Mighty Diamonds will deliver when they come to town on December 17th. Joining them will be the Reggae Uprising Band along with special guest, Montreal Reggae icon Jah Cutta.
It all goes down at the JAM, the Jamaica Association of Montreal, 4065 Jean Talon West (Metro Namur). Advance tickets $25, available at Natural Beauty, 514-369-2925; Princessa, 514-595-4894; Daddy Ghost 514-731-6342.