Cory Dan: Emerging reggae voice in Montreal

Music must mean something

Egbert Gaye

Having had music as an important part of his life for as long as he can remember, Cory Dan is serious about getting involved and what he has to offer to the music scene.
“I love music, I’ve been singing for most of my life, starting way back as a young boy at my church in Jamaica where gospel music was my first love,” he says. “Now that I’ve made the transition to reggae, I think I’m ready to bring something different to the music scene.”
He says his love for reggae and his respect for the power of the music makes him what to offer nothing but best with upcoming release of his debut single: “Search”
Cory, an NDG resident for much of his life in Canada, has been a fixture around the local music scene for about five to six years. His love for performing even led to an audition with the Montreal Jubilation Choir, where he started as a tenor.
But his love for the rhythm and uplifting lyrics that reggae music offers kept pulling him back to the roots of his musical passion.
He started working on the release of “Search” a little over a  year ago at the same time meticulously putting together a repertoire of conscious reggae songs, which he hopes will find their way on an upcoming album and into the hearts of music lovers here in Montreal, in his native Jamaica and around the world.
He plans to release“Search.” in June.
“Nothing but inspiration and good positive vibes,” is the way he describes his music. “As a father of young children, I’m not going to produce music that my children can’t listen to and enjoy.”
“I’m blessed to be coming into this as a mature person, so there’s no temptation to deal with the slackness that we get from other artistes. I want my music to inspire people and uplift them.”
Cory Dan will be one of the headline acts for the grand Mother’s Day  Extravaganza on Sunday, May 13, at Caribbean Paradise.
He will be sharing the stage with a lineup of Montreal’s top performers, including Leanna White, Steffin Noel, Julian McIntosh, Ezra,  Brea Marie, Dawn, Handy Andy, and Caribbean Voices.
He is especially excited about this performance, seeing it as a dedication to his mother, whom he admires and respects more than almost everyone else on Earth, for reasons that are special to him.


Will be in the spotlight for the Mothers’ Day Extravaganza

On Stage Leanna always thrills


Egbert Gaye

Leanna White has been sparing with her performances on the local music circuit, but whenever she hits the stage, audiences have been wowed by her spectacularly engaging voice and style.
It’s the way she wants it to be for now, she told the CONTACT in a recent telephone talk.
“As a mother and new grandmother, family is very important to me so I want to continue to be there for them until I’m ready to get back out there and focus on my music.”
Thankfully, she says, that time is drawing closer as the children become less dependent on her.
One of the first things on her agenda is to finally put the lifetime of songs she has been writing on an album.
“After almost every performance, people come up to me and ask for my CD,” she says. “So it’s long overdue.”
With a dad who was a traveling musician, music has always been a backdrop to Leanna’s life. In fact, that’s how the native Philadelphian ended up in this city, which was a regular hub for the guitarist, as he gigged at the popular Esquire Show Bar and Rockheads’ Paradise.
Leanna took to the stage real early in life, like so many of her peers, honing her skills at church before she started performing with Jubilation Choir and Union United Church Choir.
Over the years she formed a tight bond with Montreal’s singer extraordinaire Allan Prater, whom she values as a mentor, and when time allows she has been on the performing circuit.
These days, when she hits the stage, she offers a repertoire that includes soul, R&B, Jazz, some gospel and even a little pop, and she never fails to thrill local audiences.
“Truth is, I really enjoy performing in this city because I find the audiences so very appreciative of live music and the genre that I sing,” she offers. “Unlike the US where they might clap respectfully. You see, over there they get that kind of music every day.”
She says a few years ago she ventured to transplant herself in St. Louis, Missouri, but realized quickly that Montreal is where she really wants to be.
Leanna says she really looking forward to being on stage at the Mother’s Day Extravanganza on May 13, at the Caribbean Paradise Lounge in tribute to her mom who is still a big part of her life, and her grandmothers who were all trailblazers.
Leanna will be sharing the spotlight with Cory Dan, Steffin Noel, Julian McIntosh, Ezra,  Brea Marie, Dawn, Handy Andy, and Caribbean Voices. Info on the show 438 937 1924 or 514 363 8080