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Rosie Awori has been putting pen to paper, allowing her thoughts to take literal, poetic, form for sometime now.
So after much writing and pondering, deleting, re-wording and re-writing, Rosie’s thoughts and words have been set in print, coming together in poetic form in a solid i69-page collection of verse she aptly calls ‘It Is Written (Poetic Reflections).’
Roughly four months were put into bringing this compendium of poetic reflections to fruition, each of which is a short treatment of subjects of a worldly, but personal way, depending on one’s specific life experiences so far.
Awori says the underlying theme of her first collection is love: “love of God, of oneself, and one’s fellowman.”
Something she finds lacking in this little space we humans currently occupy called Earth. A glance around the world provides the evidence: it’s in a chaotic state, and could do well with some love; one Awori and Jackie Deshannon are in accord.
Recall that back in the mid-sixties, during a tumultuous period in America and other parts, she sang “What the World Needs Now” (Is love sweet love…). Apropos for the times (of social injustice, racial oppression, unparalleled exodus of global refugees, conflicts…).
And as we approach the first quarter of the 21st century, another glance at the world conjures the aphorism “the more things change.” More resonant today.
That reality and her universal awareness are at the core of IT’S WRITTEN, along with a spiritual serving, which is front and center of Awori’s being and existence and help make the book an eclectic collection and interesting read.

Rosie Awori was born in Nairobi, Kenya immediately after obtaining her Law degree she came to Montreal where she honed her writing skills at the McGill Writing Centre. She also does script writing for film and TV, and has also written for various publications. She was runner-up for the young writer anthology of poetry prize in 2014. She’s also a regular contributor to the Montreal CommunityContact in her African Round-Up column.

She is inviting Montrealers  to an afternoon of inspirational poetry to launch her book on 17th November at Centre Afrika,1644 Rue Saint Hubert, from 2:30 PM. The event is free and all are welcome.