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The spirit of the Holidays comes alive at Caribbean paradise Lounge in LaSalle on Sunday, December 4, when Black Moses Promotions present a Christmas concert flavored with some parang music.
The show, which promises to be uplifting, spiritual and entertaining, will feature performers of all ages representing a variety of musical genres:
Christmas carols, parang, drumming, and some originals…
Several top-notch performers are carded to appear on this fourth anniversary blockbuster show, including Julian McIntosh, Skippy, Caribbean Voices, Loveman Kent, Sweetz and Sugarman. They will be joined by a line-up of emerging stars such as Ushana (aka Makeba), Brea Marie, Ezra, Kemi and Timara. The ACD Drummers are also set to appear.

Joy to the World will be proclaimed at the Caribbean Paradise, 8080 Newman in LaSalle. Showtime 5:30 p.m. info. 514-363-8080, 438-937- 1924.