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Jeri Brown has staked out  her  place among the musical greats in North America over the past  several decades.
A renowned soprano who has earned several  JUNO nominations,  Brown is also an acclaimed  ethnomusicologist and music professor at Concordia University.
As part of her continuing evolution in the musical arena, Brown has written Afro Waltz Opera   which she will bring to the stage at the Oscar Petterson Hall on October 21.
She sees it as “an unprecedented opportunity to combine talent and culture with a lovely introduction of the company.”
The production which also launches Brown’s newly founded Jongleur Opera Company will feature a line-up of   exciting performers from around the globe but now based in Montreal.
One of the headliners will be Gwyn Beaver  who established herself at  the Voice faculty at Midwestern State UNIVERSITY  in Texas.  She will present Negro spiritual classics and her own group of classical repertoire from 18th and 19th century.
Also on stage wil be Kamilya Agoshkoff a native of Kazakhstan, who will present classical traditional Kazakh music, laced with Italian classics of the 18th century.
Highlight performances however will be by Brown herself joined by acclaimed guitarist and composer Baron Tymas as they explore some of her renditions of jazz and classical music pieces.
Tymas is a Fullbright Scholar at North Carolina Central University where he teaches Guitar and Jazz Theory,
Afro Waltz  at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, 7141 Sherbrooke W., on October 21, 2015. Free Admission.