JAM Vocal Performance School recital

Egbert Gaye

Even over the telephone, you can sense the excitement that seeps through her voice when Jennifer Meade speaks about not just her love for Gospel music, but helping her students give full expression of it.
Over the past two decades, music lovers in Montreal have come to know her as a highly respected choir director, singer, composer and songwriter, Meade told the CONTACT that her greatest joy in her musical journey is the work she’s currently doing as a vocal coach.
“My passion is to teach Voice as a way it could be understood,” she says. “Helping people learn how it should be used as an instrument.”
Every year, at least three dozen students pass through the institution she established about 20 years ago, JAM Vocal Performance School, among them, French platinum-selling recording artist, Corneille, Juno-award winner, Wesli, Jacques Villeneuve, Gage and Sandy Duperval who was a finalist on the television show, Star Academie.
“My students come from all different walks of life and different backgrounds. I take every student and help them get to their potential. I’m proud to say that we usually see improvements within a couple weeks.”
In her many years of vocal coaching, Meade says she has developed what she thinks is the “right technique” helping artists make best use of their voice.
In fact she’s putting the finishing touches on her book documenting the intricacies of the technique that she has been able to perfect.
“It’s all based on the fact that the voice is the original instrument created by God. Every instrument that came after was modeled on the voice and strives to sound like a voice, “she says. “So what we need is a clear understanding of how the voice works.”
These days, Meade sees a steady stream of students passing through the doors because she says a lot of budding artistes are contemplating professional careers in spite of the digital overload that’s crowding the music industry.
“So many of these young people are driven to perform because they see it now as their calling and when it’s in your spirit, you respond to it.”
The Montreal-born artiste who formed her first group, The Harmonettes, at the age of 12, continued to build on her love for Gospel to become the musical force that she is today.
And she is as enterprising as she is talented, balancing several initiatives that keeps her well invested in the music industry, including her involvement as co-founder and president of a music and entertainment company as well as publishing The Vocalist Magazine and serving as the producer of a TV show.
Meade, who gained international recognition headlining the group “Touch of Heaven” alongside another musical icon, Kim Richardson, also has eight albums to her credit and copped a few awards along the way.
Her own success aside, she says her focus these days is to assist aspiring artists who pass through JAM Vocal Performance School and find their way to the top.
The highlight of each session is the artist showcase that feature performances by participants along with JAM Vocal Performance Choir that is made up of past and current students.
The Winter 2019 Showcase takes place on April 13 at Theatre Le Grand Sault, 7644 Rue Edouard in LaSalle. And Meade is super excited by the musical treat that the 60-voice choir has in store for music lovers this year.
Tickets are available at Eventbrite.
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