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This year, for the 24th edition of Black History Month, the organizing committee, Table Ronde du Mois de l’histoire des Noirs, joins Hema-Quebec in extending a call to the community to donate at the Blood Donor Clinic to be held on February 21, between 10:30am to 4pm.
Organizers say last year they had a better than expected turnout for the blood drive and they are hoping to improve on it.
The clinic will be held at Centre d’education des adultes, (CEDA Building), 2515 Delisle Street in Montreal. Go to CEDA in Little Burgundy.
According to a directive from HEMA Quebec, the campaign is part of the blood collection agency’s efforts “to diversify the collective blood supply and reiterate the importance of the contribution of Black communities.”
It added that ethnic origin and skin color are inconsequential when it comes to blood transfusion.
However, in cases of frequent blood transfusions, “it sometimes becomes necessary to find a donor whose compatibility with a recipient goes beyond A, B, AB and O blood groups.
In these situations, the more a donor and recipient share in terms of genetic makeup, the better the chances of success.”
Black donors make up less than 1% of total active donors in Quebec.
For questions regarding eligibility for blood donations, call 1-800-847-2525.