Still prolific, Vern Maytone Releases new album

Egbert Gaye

With the release of his latest album, In The Mood, Montreal’s reggae legend Vernon Maytone is giving his legion of fans around the world exactly what they desire: “good, clean reggae with a heavy dose of consciousness and culture.”
He says that’s the direction his writing has been taking him in the past few years, and he is OK with it, especially since the fans are also lapping it up.
“In the past, I’ve written a lot of songs about love and other relationship matters and have produced a lot of hits, but these days I think I’m in a different place, so I’m enjoying sharing this new vibe with my fans.”
With In The Mood, which was released in March, Maytone offers a lot to think about, with tracks such as Technology, Have You Found Your Savior, Justice, Moderation, Death Is A Must, Good Place, Give Us Strength, You Natural and the title song.
And as the album slowly makes its way to deejays’ playlist and radio rotations in Europe and the Caribbean, he says the feedback has been really good so far.
“The vibes coming from Europe are always positive,” he says. “Because many of those fans over there have been appreciating my music for a long time, and it’s spreading to a whole new generation of fans.”
Vern burst on the reggae scene as a teenager in the late 1960s, early 1970s with his partner and neighbor from May Pen Jamaica, Gladstone Grant. They called themselves The Maytones and their early hits include  “Funny Man” and “Africa We Want To Go.”
In the mid 1970s they had two biggest hits with the release of  Madness, the title track of their most successful album and Money Worries , which was featured in the Jamaican movie Rockers.
In 2004, Vern found renewed success with Money Worries, which he recorded with Bedouin Sound Clash  on their platinum rated album Sounding A Mosaic.
After  more than 37 years producing songs that have inspired generations of reggae lovers around the world, Vern remains as prolific as ever, still putting albums almost every two and a half years.
He credits that to be “the inspiration of the Almighty,” and has little intention to slow down instead he says his focus is on creating and offering his fans the best quality music that he is capable  of.
He still tours at least three time a year doing shows in the US and in Europe and touching base with fans who still flock to venues to sing along with him on many of his hits.
He says he will always value those interactions and will continue to deliver music that inspire.
In The Mood” is available at many online stores, including: iTunes- eBay – Ernie b Records (U.S.A); Irie Records (Europe); Dubstore Sound Inc. (Japan). You can also order the Cd directly from