It was designed and given to you before you were born

A Happy New Year To One and All.

Life is about war, and the war is spiritual. Thus, it is time to rise and shine.  I want to encourage you to be willing to wage a prophetic warfare for both you and your family.
Please note that you are born for a purpose and have a destiny to fulfill on Earth.
Your destiny was designed and given to you before you were born. Your character is based on your destiny. Your destiny can make you intelligent and unique. Can you imagine the countless number of people who are born loaded with potential, special abilities and greatness without even knowing it?
I want to inform you of just how special you are and how you have a specific purpose within your own family and your community. Each one of us has a specific skill set to impact lives, right where we are.
However, in order to fulfill your God-given destiny, you must be aware of it.
You must be conscious of it. You may not know exactly how to achieve it but it will find you.
Did you know that because of this destiny some people would be jealous of you? They may not know what your destiny is, or they may have a better sense of your destiny than you do, yet will despise you because the circumstances shaping your life are in preparation for you to succeed in your destiny.
In the Bible, King Herod got word of the prophesy of a coming ruler to be governor and king of the Jews who would shepherd God’s people. His name was Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. His birth was announced by the wise men that had sought Herod after seeing the child’s star. Herod became furious in his heart and sent out an assassination decree to put to death all the young males under two-years-old in hopes of wiping out this foretold new king.
Herod was threatened and terrified by the prophesy of Jesus Christ.
Readers, the same thing is happening today. There are Herod-like people who are threatened by your presence all because of your destiny. Jesus’ destiny was highlighted by the greatness of his star and confirmed by prophecy. Do you know all that has been said concerning you?
Herod single-handedly organized a mass murder of children due to his fear and intimation of the greatness of Jesus’ destiny. Can you imagine what demonic warfare and resistance may be triggered by your great destiny?
God had to work with the wise men from the east in order to save Jesus from the destruction that was intended for him. Through an angel, God had to tell the wise men not to return to Herod to give him any further information about the new king.
Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also instructed by an Angel in a dream to flee to Egypt to escape from Herod. Thank God he was obedient. We too must learn to be obedient… it could save a life and fulfill a purpose!
Do you see how the word of God is so practical and relative to our every day life? You need to get warfare mentally to survive in this world.
You have to get connected to the giver of your destiny so that He can give you strategies, wisdom, knowledge, insight and understanding to fight against the enemies who want to hijack your destiny and those of your loved ones.
This 2018 be wise and prayerful to fulfill your God-given destiny.