Montrealers of faith invited to celebrate

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There is joy among the congregation at Imani Family and Full Gospel (Baptist) Church as one of their spiritual leaders, Glenn Gray, is set to be ordained into the ministry.
The Ordination Service will be held on Sunday, November 27, at the Westmount Baptist Church, and they are inviting the faith community and all Montreal to come and celebrate with them.
According to several sources, Ordination symbolizes an individual’s elevation in God’s call to ministry and “the church’s approval of the candidate for the ministry.
To receive that approval the candidate first proves himself to be qualified in character and in gifts for such ministry.
Gray, formerly of North Carolina has been in Montreal for the past six years and his wife is a Montrealer. He has been pastoring and helping to build the ministry at Imani Family and Full Gospel (Baptist) Church.
He is the younger brother of the church’s senior pastor Rev. Darryl Gray
As expected, Rev. Gray and his congregation are excited to witness the growth and elevation of another spiritual leader within their fold, and thank those who assisted in his journey.
“We give thanks to the many prayers and support that he has been encouraged together with you by the mutual faith of us all.”
Ordination Service will be 7:30 PM, Sunday, November 27, 2016, and will take place at Westmount Baptist Church, 411 Roslyn Ave., Westmount (Montreal), Quebec, H3Y 2T6