Méshama Eyob-Austin

I hear about my people dying everyday
At the hands of a disgusting power.
Tryin’ to deliver a nation from this unnecessary hating
Can’t blame them for losing patience
This been going on too long!
And no matter how much we produce
They’re still gonna find a reason to fightkill
hurt a nation.
How can a whole group of people be put through that much pain but yet,
we have not gained.
We have not gained power,love influence respect.
Now I know someone is gonna say
‘’ But we got a Black
President, Hip Hop is popular amongst all people.
Our kids go to the same schools and are best friends.’’
That is not gaining anything, that is simply getting back to where we were before, to our initial place in this world.
This race, this group, these peoplehave been scared forever.
We beat our children as a result of the beatings inflicted upon us by the Massa.
We hold our eyes down when we pass the whites because we are scared.
Scared that the news might be reporting our death,our injury
our disappearance
our assault
our killer being set loose.
We experience fear on a daily basisand no science can contradict that.
Who is behind those science reports on us ‘’black people’’?
The white Man.
Who is the one writing the
police report?
The White man.
It’s unacceptable and it needs to change.
I will not walk the streets of
MY city with fear, discomfort or uncertainty.
I will walk this city with
pride, happiness and power.
I will represent my ancestors
beauty through my nappy hair
and flawless shape.
I will represent my ancestors
power through my words, not
hurtful slurs.
I will represent BLACK,
because that is what I am.