There are always two sides to a story, and on St. Jean Baptiste Day
Montreal will have to decide which “Jerk fest” they should attend.
Saturday, June 24, is what I call the big Jerk Off! As for the
first time in Montreal two Jerk Fests will be held on the same day.
I wish I could say I’m “Jerking your chain”, but this year one will be
held at Park De La Savane in Cote-des-Neiges, and the other at
SoccerPlexe parking lot in Lachine.
The annual Jerk Fest takes place every year on June 24, St. Jean
Baptiste Day and celebrates the world-renowned cuisine. Jerk refers to the way a particular meat – chicken, beef, pork, goat, fish, even vegetables or fruit – is seasoned and cooked. This style originates in Jamaica.
The festival is a fusion of jerk food, pulsating music, family friendly entertainment, and good vibes… Entrance is free.
The first “Jerk Fest” was held in 2015 when popular Jamaican selector
(nicknamed “DOG”), from the sound system called Crystal Sound came up with
the idea before approaching the owners of the Rave Lounge. The Jerk
Fest was held in the parking lot of the Rave lounge with its signature
sound system from Jamaica, the immortal Stone Love, it was then
moved to Park De La Savane in 2016.
This year, both teams have decided to take separate parts and start their individual festival, giving birth to the two Jerk events – “The Montreal Jerk Fest” and “Jerk Food Festival.”
The “Montreal Jerk Fest” is run by the owners of the Rave Lounge and will be
held at Park De La Savane in Cote-des-Neiges. Headlined by Montreal’s two reggae artists, Jah Lex and Prophecy Izis, this Jerk Fest promises to be full of entertainment. Proceeds will go to flood victims in Jamaica.
As for the “Jerk Food Festival”, promoted by Crystal Sounds and
Friends, it is being held at SoccerPlexe parking lot in Lachine.
Headliners at this signature “Jerk Fest” is a sound system from Jamaica,
Stone Love as well as international reggae artist Serani. This year they’re doing a school drive sponsored by UPS Canada and Sash Boutique for school supplies to send 200 Montreal students back to school. Their theme is “Say no to Bullying.” Wear pink to support the cause.
I know it may be a bit troubling when you have to decide which Jerk Fest to attend, but stay calm and get your jerk on.

Island Facts:
– June 10, 1940 – Marcus Mosiah Garvey, founder of the UNIA and national hero of Jamaica, died in London from heart faliure.

– June 12, 1972 – Dancehall artist Bounty Killa born in (Trenchtown)
Kingston, Jamaica.

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