Black Theatre Workshop’s ‘How Black Mother’s Say I Love You’ opened at the Centaur theatre on February 28 at Centaur Theatre and will be playing until March 16.
The play has a strong Caribbean influence but it will resonate with not only immigrants but also families who have dealt with separation.
The play chronicles, Daphne a mother who has to start a life in Canada and ends up away from her two children for six years. This is a story of separation and reconciliation infused with a bold original score that blends gospel, reggae and R&B with classical music.
Playwright Trey Anthony, the first Black woman in Canada to have her own television series (da Kink in my hair), Director of the play is Tamara Brown.
The cast of the play is composed of some of Montreal’s finest actresses, Andrea Davis, Jamila Shani Joseph, Dayane K. Ntibarikure and Keren Roberts. They deliver a solid performance and captivate the audience from start to finish.
Tickets can be found online at